Educational Alternate Reality Games

Educational Alternate Reality GamesAn educational alternate reality game (ARG) is a social learning experience consisting of a series of scenarios that lead students to collaboratively solve puzzles and accomplish activities. As players complete each task, the game presents new scenarios and eventually takes players through an entire storyline. In an ARG, players do not play a fictitious character as they do in most videogames.  Instead, players play as themselves in the storyline of a game.

Educational ARGs present a fun way to learn about practically any subject matter.  In addition, the games help students develop valuable 21st century learning skills, including collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.  Another great benefit of ARGs is that they are relatively inexpensive to develop compared to educational computer or video games.

Educators interested in designing their own educational ARGs can use our design framework to help guide them. One of the biggest benefits of designing ARGs is that you don’t need to be a skilled programmer or artist to create a good game because the game is primarily about good design.
Educatonal ARG Design Framework

Educational Alternate Reality Games

Our team has designed and researched ARGs for nearly a decade ever since they started to become popular in mainstream entertainment, especially as marketing activities for movies and television. Our educational alternate reality game designs include:

United ColoniesUnited Colonies
United Colonies is an educational alternate reality game that was piloted at the Playmaker School in Santa Monica, CA in 2013. Students played throughout the year in an educational adventure that included symbols and clues inside and outside the classroom. United Colonies was featured at SxSWedu and the Serious Play Conference in 2014.
Visit this link for more information about United Colonies

Arising From Injustice
Arising From Injustice is an educational alternate reality game (ARG) in that helps students learn about U.S. history and related humanities themes, such as citizenship, civil liberties, and discrimination. In Arising From Injustice, players collaboratively solve puzzles and complete missions in order to unlock new scenarios of an overall storyline about a girl growing up in the 1940s.
Visit this link to read a case study of Arising From Injustice
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Rediscovered Empathy
Rediscovered Empathy is an educational transmedia storytelling game designed for middle and high school students. In the game, students create their own transmedia storylines about experiencing life in a specific character role, such as an immigrant farmer, a draft-eligible young adult, or a factory worker, during World War II.

Financial Literacy ARG
This upcoming game is an educational alternate reality game that helps young people learn about making sound financial decisions. The game covers such topics as credit card debt, investment decisions, saving for retirement, and interest vs. inflation rates.

If you would like to request an educational alternate reality game for your school or organization, please contact us.