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Arising From Injustice

Dr. Alice Sasaki is in a coma.

She was discovered unconscious on the lab floor of the Western Neurotechnology Research Institute.

Alice's colleague, Dr. Nicholas Remski, has sought out your help to try to revive Alice.

He tells you that they were working on a top secret project that involved "memory history cognition" (MHC). The device that they were trying to create would allow someone to "see" a person's memory.

Somehow, Alice got "stuck" in the 1940s while she was doing some tests on the device.

Nicholas asks if you would be willing to help investigate what Alice was working on to hopefully figure out why she lapsed into a coma.

He then tells you how to access Alice's saved memory data on the MHC device...and suddenly you find yourself in December 7, 1941 - the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor!

Your journey begins here...


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