Educational Live Interactive Narrative Experiences

GameTrain Learning has produced a new type of educational activity that we call “live interactive narrative experiences.”Manzanar Immersive

Manzanar Immersive is an educational “live interactive narrative experience” that shares important lessons about the Japanese American World War II history in a hands-on, engaging environment.

Manzanar Immersive is an in-person “empathy” experience in which people collaborate to solve puzzles, complete activities, and interact with character actors as they proceed through the narrative of a Japanese American family living through the wartime experience. Manzanar Immersive will help people learn about Japanese American history, culture, and values along with other learning skills, such as collaboration, communication, and empathy.

Manzanar Immersive is designed to be a mobile production that can be setup and used in various locations, including schools and museums. The design will later be used to create a framework for educational live interactive narrative experiences about other learning content, including any K-12 and college academic subjects.

Manzanar Immersive will debut at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute in 2018.

For more information on Manzanar Immersive, please visit here.