How To Play Team Wordle

Here are the rules for a 4-on-4 team Wordle competition.


  1. Game = each day’s game, Round = series of 10 Games, Match = series of 10 Rounds
  2. No collaborating or cheating on the day’s word
  3. You can only use to lookup words, no other sites allowed
  4. If you get an unexpected hint, you must recuse yourself for the day and get 0.5 points


  1. Each day, share your Wordle on your Team Wordle chat (use any group chat platform, such as GroupMe)
  2. Daily Scoring:
    1 line = 3 points
    2 lines = 2.5 points
    3 lines = 2 points
    4 lines = 1.5 points
    5 lines = 1 points
    6 lines = 0.5 point
    X lines = 0.2 point


  1. Players are ranked 1-8 based on total points accumulated for all 10 games. This ranking system basically levels out the scoring so that the top point scorers do not overly affect a team’s score
  2. Top scoring player gets 8 TP, Bottom scoring player gets 1 TP, Everyone else gets 2 TP to 7 TP based on total points
  3. Your team score is total TP (team points), which is the total of the ranks of each of your team members
  4. Daily Bonus: 0.5 TP to first team that has all team members finish that day
  5. Example:
    Team 1 has Player A (2 TP), Player B (4 TP), Player C (3 TP), and Player D (6 TP) so Team 1 has 15 TP total
    Team 2 has Player E (5 TP), Player F (1 TP), Player G (8 TP), and Player H (7 TP) so Team 1 has 21 TP total
    Team 2 wins the Round 21 to 15 and now leads the Match 1 to 0.


You can make a copy this Google spreadsheet to keep track of your Team Wordle league:

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