Game-Based College Workshops

Game-Based College WorkshopWe design and implement student workshops for colleges. In contrast to a traditional, lecture-based workshops, our workshops are game-based activities similar to escape rooms that engage students in an active-learning environment.

Our workshops can be for any student-related topic, including:

  • Student Orientation workshops
  • Probation/Student Success workshops
  • Basic Skills Math/English workshops
  • Financial Aid / Financial Literacy workshops
  • Media Literacy workshops
  • Workshops on any academic subject

We recently completed a series of game-based, Student Success workshops at El Camino College in the Los Angeles area. The workshops successfully helped students learn all of the learning objectives covered in the college’s traditional Student Success workshops:

  • Analyze transcripts
  • Understand academic probation, progress probation, and dismissal status
  • Understand the levels of academic and progress probation
  • Determine ways in which students can be removed from academic probation, progress probation, and dismissal status
  • Learn about various student resources available on campus

Game-Based College Workshop
Post-workshop survey results showed that not only did students learn just as well or even better than from a traditional workshop but also that they were more engaged and motivated throughout the entire 90-minute workshop. In addition, students overwhelmingly preferred the game-based workshop format over a traditional, lecture-based workshop.

Click here to read our final report submitted to El Camino College about the game-based Student Success Workshops

Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.