Professional Development

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GameTrain Learning provides professional development workshops and online courses for groups of teachers or individual teachers. Our workshops and courses focus on game-based learning solutions that teachers can quickly implement into their classroom teaching. Our workshops and courses cover various game-based learning topics, such as Minecraft in education, game design, educational alternate reality games, integrated assessment model, growth mindsets, and developing gameful mindsets. In addition, we can host practically any other workshop or online course related to game-based learning depending on your needs. Our workshops and courses are held online or in-person in the Los Angeles, California area.

Minecraft WorkshopMinecraft Workshop

We offer Minecraft professional development online workshops in which users learn about the educational potential of Minecraft and game-based learning. The workshops are provided on an as-needed basis and are individually designed to fit the learning goals of the participants. The Minecraft workshop covers:

  • Introduction to Minecraft (if necessary)
  • Educational applications of Minecraft
  • Creating a Minecraft lesson
  • Minecraft machinima creation

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Game-Based Learning Online Certificate ProgramGame-Based Learning Online Courses

The Game-Based Learning Online Certificate Program provides educators with a solid knowledge base about game-based learning that will allow them to effectively use games and gaming principles in their courses.

We will offer a three-course, online certificate program on game-based learning through California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) starting in the summer of 2020. The courses will be offered through CSUF’s extension and international programs.

This certificate program is for K-12 teachers, higher education instructors, and training professionals.

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Gamification In EducationGamification In Education

The Gamification In Education workshop helps educators learn about gamification and how to use gamified activities in their classrooms. By using good gamification design, educators can turn their courses into engaging, meaningful, and fun learning activities. GameTrain Learning also offers an online course in gamification in education – contact us for more information. The Gamification In Education workshop covers:

  • What is gamification?
  • Examples of gamification programs
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
  • Creating gamified educational units

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Student Game DesignScratch

This professional development workshop focuses on the use of game design activities in the classroom. Having students design and develop their own games is an excellent way for them to learn academic content along with 21st century learning skills. This workshop covers:

  • Pros and cons of student game design activities
  • Planning student game design activities
  • Elements of game design
  • Assessment of student game designs
  • Game design tools

Click here to view a full list of game design tools that students can use to create games

Educational Alternate Reality GamesEducational Alternate Reality Games

In this professional development workshop, teachers learn about alternate reality games and how these types of games can be used effectively in the classroom. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • What is an alternate reality game?
  • Transmedia
  • How can an alternate reality game be used effectively in education?
  • Pros and cons of educational alternate reality games
  • Designing an educational alternate reality game

Click here to view our presentation on an educational alternate reality game

Integrated Assessment ModelIntegrated Assessment Model

This professional development workshop introduces the Integrated Assessment Model for Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth. The model expands on the traditional assessment model by including assessment of 21st Century Learning Skills, Social Emotional Learning Skills, and Character Education. This workshop covers:

  • The need for a new model of assessment
  • The four assessment categories
  • Research pertaining to assessment categories
  • The student dashboard
  • The teacher dashboard
  • The model in practice

Click here to view an overview of the Integrated Assessment Model for Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth

Introduction To A Gameful MindsetIntroduction To A Gameful Mindset

In this professional development workshop, teachers learn about various topics related to a gameful mindset, including:

  • Defining a gameful mindset
  • Importance of play
  • Growth mindsets
  • Flow
  • Embracing failure
  • Continuous feedback
  • Constant iteration

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How To Promote A Growth MindsetHow To Promote A Growth Mindset

In this professional development workshop, teachers learn about various topics related to growth mindset, including:

  • Defining a growth mindset
  • Importance of a growth mindset
  • Ways to promote a growth mindset
  • Growth mindset and gaming

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