Game-Based Learning Certificate Program

This is a three-course, graduate-level, online certificate program on game-based learning offered through California State University, Fullerton’s Extension and International Programs. This certificate program is for K-12 teachers, higher education instructors, and training professionals. The three courses are:

  • Introduction To Game-Based Learning: In this introductory course, participants will develop a solid knowledge base about the various aspects and types of game-based learning, including learning activities that focus on video games, analog games, digital educational games, escape games, and immersive/new media games. Participants are introduced to the frameworks for a gameful mindset and intrinsic motivation theory.
  • Game-Based Learning Design: The goal of this course is to enable participants to become better instructional designers by understanding how to think more like a game designer. In this course, participants receive hands-on experience in game-based learning design by analyzing and designing lessons that feature various types of games.
  • Gamification In Education: In this course, participants will research current gamification programs, identify best practices on incorporating gaming mechanics and principles in their classes, and design gamified activities, lessons, units, and or semesters. The course features in-depth analyses and utilization of intrinsic motivation theory in application to gamification.

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Testimonial from a teacher who recently completed the certificate program: