MSIDTAA Webinar Chat Transcript – Introduction to Game-Based Learning

MSIDT Alumni Association

Webinar Info:
On Saturday, November 23, 2013, the MSIDT Alumni Association of California State University at Fullerton held its first webinar in a new series of webinars related to instructional design and technology. The interactive webinar featured a discussion about the use of games and gaming principles in schools and businesses. The webinar was presented by Randall Fujimoto, the director of GameTrain Learning, Inc., an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote game-based learning in schools and organizations.

Link to the webinar recording:

Chat Transcript

Meegan Feori: Morning, thank you for organizing this meeting and presentation.
Beth: Thank you for joining us!
Valen Carey: Hello everyone!
jody: Hi. I’m Jody
shan: Hi everone!!
Oliver Conrad: Hello I’m Oliver, I’m cohort 12
Oliver Conrad: Happy to attend
Oliver Conrad: Very curious about this
Carol Gomez: I’m Carol Gomez with Cohort 12.
Grace Cao: Hello, I’m Grace Cao in Cohort 12. I am a instructional designer at Edwards Lifesciences
shan: yeah!!!
Randall Fujimoto: Hi Everyone, thanks for joining us today!
Barbara Glaeser: Hi, I am Barbara, faculty in the IDT progran,
Meegan Feori: wooohoo!
Barbara Glaeser: Woo ho!
Seema: Hi, I’m Seema – also from Cohort 12.
Michelle G: Hi everyone! I’m a graduate of Cohort 10. Excited for this webinar series!
Meegan Feori: If Frank Estrada is here, he has Connect experience..
Michelle G: Are we all muted automatically? I can’t tell…
Barbara Glaeser: Nice engagement strategy!
Barbara Glaeser: Yes adobe connect is limited in that way.
Michelle G: thanks Barbara!
shan: yes
Grace Cao: i do
Michelle G: yes the link works!
Carol Gomez: Link works for me.
Seema: yes it workds
Randall Fujimoto:
jody: math AND pollen
Carol Gomez: I suck at this.
Tatiana Kazakova: Hello, everybody. Does anybody know why I do not have sound?
Randall Fujimoto: @Carol – haha, seems easy at first, huh?
Carol Gomez: I couldn’t drag and drop. I didn’t earn any money. 🙁
Beth: More challenging than you think, fun game!
Nate Cohen: that was a cool game.
Barbara Glaeser: Yes!! And you kill a flower if you are wrong!
Seema: yes, it was charming
Barbara Glaeser: It was easy to click on the link and make it work, so that is a good thing to know when using Adobe Connect.
Barbara Glaeser: Yes-He visited here last year!
Barbara Glaeser: He is a prof at Claremont U
Beth: @Randall Total engagement!
Barbara Glaeser: However that game required concentration and thinking.
Seema: Thursday!
Valen Carey: in yoga Thursday
Meegan Feori: – part of mindfulness
Barbara Glaeser: at the spa!
Carol Gomez: Shooting pool on Thursday
jody: it’s related to happiness, too
Seema: That’s what I experience while teaching.
Beth: LOL
shan: this week out Paddleboarding!
Beth: I’m there with you Barbara!
Nate Cohen: experienced flow at work solving a problem with multiple colleagues
Meegan Feori: Yeah!! Seema
Grace Cao: game is always one of my options to fit different level of learners
jody: experienced it using Captivate 7
Barbara Glaeser: Yes that is true-when talking online to a student discussing an interesting issue. It is so enjoyable.
Beth: Great graphic and shows the difference nicely and easily.
Grace Cao: i think wbt need to engaging, games become more important, cuz sometimes long time wbt makes lrarners boring
Nate Cohen: I love this slide – there is such a tremendous fear of failure in many environments, but it contributes (or is ) learning
Beth: So true Nate, we do tend to remember from our mistakes more so than successes.
Barbara Glaeser: so true, especially for English learners and those with learning difficulties. (Special education is my field BTW)
jody: I can’t type that much
Barbara Glaeser: Really? How did you find that out?
Nate Cohen: Oh, too many to recount!
Grace Cao: i strongly agree with “failure = partial success”
Valen Carey: geez where do I start?
Meegan Feori: I misunderstood a joke and looked silly
DuJuan Johnson: I failed at staying awake last night to study
Valen Carey: LOL
jody: Ha …
shan: great clip
Barbara Glaeser: That was awesome!
Beth: Just fine for me
Randall Fujimoto:
Beth: Loved the video
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Great. That is why I am always waiting for negative feedback more than positive for any of the projects we submit.
Grace Cao: growth mind-set means learn form failure, face to failure, and challenge to the failure
Meegan Feori: Being fixed is also easier, it falls into routine
Michelle G: Great video and a nice way to increase engagement during a webinar
DuJuan Johnson: Now were talking…
Oliver Conrad: Kobe Bryant is fantastic
Carol Gomez: Kobe also works with a statistician similar to the Money Ball guy.
Beth: I agree Michelle
Oliver Conrad: I heard he visualizes the scoreboard with his team winning before the game
DuJuan Johnson: Let’s go Lakers
Oliver Conrad: Go Lakers!!!
Beth: Great saying
jody: Sorry. But I hate it when folks use sports accomplishments here. Kobe is also 6-8
Barbara Glaeser: True. It takes attention, and concentration, both of which we want in students who are learning new and complex skills
Barbara Glaeser: or killed our flowers!
DuJuan Johnson: Praise the process!!!
Barbara Glaeser: I agree, Randall. Character ed is so important!
Carol Gomez: I believe social emotinal learning and character skills are far more critical than we previously believed due to increase in workplace violence.
Barbara Glaeser: Right on, Carol!
Randall Fujimoto:
Beth: Interesting point Carol and I never thought of that.
Beth: I totally am and you’re doing it just fine.
Carol Gomez: I accidentally raised my hand but cleared it. 🙂
Meegan Feori: there is profit in storytelling..
Beth: Hey Meegan maybe raise your hand and see if Randall wants to elaborate or share about it during the Q&A session, just a thought. I kow I’d be interested in hearing more about it.
Meegan Feori: Good point, Beth. At this point I do not want to interrupt, I will save my ideas for later on.
Beth: Thanks Frank!
DuJuan Johnson: Can we do this in Captivate 7?
Beth: Awesome Meegan
Frank: YW
Grace Cao: Thanks Frank! it’s very useful
Barbara Glaeser: Cool! I never thought of Portal that way.
Michelle G: I think there are game templates for Captivate
Barbara Glaeser: my kids
Beth: my nephews
Oliver Conrad: Game templates for Captivate 7 sounds very interesting
DuJuan Johnson: Cool… Thanks Michelle!
Beth: Captivate 7 has game templates?
Michelle G: I don’t know how advanced they are though… I’ve seen board game styles but I haven’t used it. It was specifically for Captivate 7… I found those online when I was still working in Captivate 4
Carol Gomez: Is there an easy-to-learn software that is designed for creating online games?
Michelle G: oops *wasn’t specifically for 7
jody: The templates that I’ve found are contained within Widgets and they’re like Jeopardy. Most games are still created using Flash which means we could create games and bring them in to AC7
Frank: But its only for children?
Meegan Feori: How much time does it take to build something useable?
DuJuan Johnson: I work with middle school kids all day and they have introduced me to all sorts of games.
Tatiana Kazakova 2: it is very sad that nowdays we have to create digital environments to learn social skills…
Michelle G: This is the template I found a few years ago:
Michelle G: I need to search more to see if they have more advanced games now for Captivate
Seema: Yes, Tatiana – I was wondering how the social skills and emotional learning fit into this
Carol Gomez: Titiana, I think it is more sad that we are creating digital environments to teach killing.
Beth: Actually I do remember that Michelle. I was hoping for more sophistication.
Michelle G: Jody, you’re right there’s a Jeopardy one too
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Exactly, Carol.
Michelle G: I agree Beth… that looks very outdated now!
Tatiana Kazakova 2: So I am interested in Game-Based learning only with the purpose to create MEANINGUL games, humane versus predominant agressive scenarios
Beth: Thanks for looking into it Michelle
Randall Fujimoto:
Grace Cao: Thanks Michelle!
Beth: Maybe Randall can give us a list of things he knows at some time.
Barbara Glaeser: Very cool!
Beth: Well I guess he is ;^)
Michelle G: no prob 🙂
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Great resources. Thanks.
Tom Wilson: Is the game housed on their server?
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Is Scratch free?
jody: Yes. Scratch is free. If you want to really learn it go to the Harvard MS 50 course (podcast) and take a semester of programming with it.
Barbara Glaeser: woah 2 hour download time for Unity
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Wow. Augmented Reality? So it is like a Hologram?
Beth: Here is the URL
Michelle G: thanks Beth!
Carol Gomez: Do these games design for both Mac and PC formats?
Grace Cao: Thanks Beth!
Barbara Glaeser: Interac Units used to do that so well. I loved their game-based learning.
Beth: Yes, there are downloads for both on the site. Well IOS anyway.
Seema: suddenly lost sound – is it still going?
Tatiana Kazakova 2: yes. i have it.
Beth: @Barbara do they still?
Beth: Yes we’re still live.
Barbara Glaeser: Good time to enter the field
Beth: Is your Connect speaker at the top of the screen still green?
Seema: It’s back, thanks!
Beth: Cool
Barbara Glaeser: This is old-school but I used these in classes and students were so motivated-event to do research!
Beth: Thanks Barbara
Michelle G: great explanation, Randy!
Beth: I agree with intrinsic and with Michelle, nice job Randall!
DuJuan Johnson: Nice quote!
Barbara Glaeser: Yes, they can be major time sucks if we don’t moderate them. I think that is a challenge teachers face.
shan: yes
Barbara Glaeser: This was wonderful, Randall. It was a nice extension to what you did at graduation a few years ago. Thank you!
Oliver Conrad: Thanks Mr. Fujimoto
Nate Cohen: That was really interesting Randall, thanks for the webinar!
Seema: Yes, it was very interesting, thank you!
Michelle G: This was great! Thank you so much!
Grace Cao: Thanks Randall
Carol Gomez: Great job! I have learned a lot from this Webinar.
Tom Wilson: Yes, looking for templates for creating our own
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Thanks.
Oliver Conrad: No I can type
Tom Wilson: yes
Oliver Conrad: You mentioned some examples from middle school. What would be some examples of games that have been used in higher education?
Oliver Conrad: Or in adult education education in general?
Randall Fujimoto:
Tatiana Kazakova 2: Yes, corporate training is of great interest to me as well.
shan: Thanks!!!
Michelle G: awesome, thanks!
Beth: MSIDT AA LinkedIn page
Beth: MSIDT AA Facebook page
Barbara Glaeser: Where will the webinar recording be posted?
Randall Fujimoto:
Carol Gomez: Thanks, Beth. You also did an awesome job on the chat.
Oliver Conrad: Ok thanks
Michelle G: yes, great job to Beth too! 🙂
Seema: thank you
DuJuan Johnson: Thank you!
Tom Wilson: Thank you, Randy. This was great
Oliver Conrad: Have a wonderful day
Frank: Thanks Randall, Beth
Grace Cao: Thanks!
Michelle G: thanks everyone! 🙂
shan: Join the Alumni group!!!!!!!
Oliver Conrad: Thanks Beth
Carol Gomez: Applause!!!!!!
Tom Wilson: Thank you!
Seema: thanks,bye!
shan: Thanks Great job
Michelle G: I think there’s an option to email the chat to yourself
Michelle G: if you’re the host
Beth: Do you know how?
Michelle G: I don’t because it was an older version of Adobe Connect that I used to use…
shan: i took a couple of screen shots I can post on facebook and linked in
Michelle G: can you just copy and paste all the text in this box?
Michelle G: yup it works!
Michelle G: haha
Michelle G: oh really? it didn’t do that for me
Michelle G: I think that just means you’re sending it to the chat
Michelle G: sure!
Tatiana Kazakova 2: I just sent an email to Beth. Hopefully, you got it. Would be interested in more sessions..